No one is lucky but everyone is!

No one is lucky but everyone is!


The easiest thing in life is to incriminate others of your failures. It gets you rid of the burden of guilt for being a nemesis of your own life. But an eye dilating fact is that you and nobody else is the nemesis of your happiness and success that life could ever offer you. You may dissent this fact but better if you realise this lately and chop these failures off your life.

All the people who are successful and happy have one thing in common, they are cognizant of the fact that they themselves are responsible for whatever happens in their life. Whatever good or bad happens to them happens because they allowed those things to happen. They are not merely the victims of life, but creators. In them dwells the power to seize control of the ilk of experiences they have in their lives. I am afraid of being misinterpreted to have said that they have some spiritual powers dwelling in them, but I would not hesitate to stare right into your eyes and tell you that yes! they do have power. However when I say power, I do not want to sound like a religious person, that I am not but sound like a liberal that I am.

They have the power of their thoughts, focus, willingness to achieve, passion towards the things they love. I mean that they are disciplined enough to choose their reactions to the circumstances they experience. They may experience the same events in life or be offered the same opportunities as you are but the way they respond to these events and opportunities tailor the repercussions that design their lives. Everyone experiences both favourable and unfavourable situations in his/her life but what matters most is how he/she chooses to respond to it.   

There are people out there who claim to be lucky. They believe that only good things happen to them overlooking the bad that has ever happened to them. However, there is also a vast majority out there who claim that nothing good happens to them and they are the victims of all the bad that the world ever had to offer. Derren Brown a British Illusionist, trickster, hypnotist and sceptic once did an experiment to see if people really have a luck factor or there is anything called ‘luck factor’. In his experiment that lasted for 3 months, he took help from a television journalist who would ask people a simple question ‘Have you ever heard about that lucky dog statue in your area?’  With a motive to spread a rumour that there exists a lucky dog in their area and if they pat him they’d get lucky. After few days she realized that people were discussing about that lucky dog and many people have actually gone to see that dog. And after she was sure that the rumour has started to pick up she then interviewed people seeking their responses on if this dog proved to be lucky to them in any way. From the responses, she had learnt that most people who already thought they were lucky gave affirmative responses about the dog being lucky, while the rest did not even visit the dog or if they did, they disapproved that the dog was lucky. Then Derren managed a ploy and offered the people various opportunities to win and test if that lucky dog was lucky for them. It was observed that people who claimed to be lucky tried every opportunity and won many and were happy, eventually reinstating their belief of being lucky, while those who had always thought they were a bundle of haplessness availed no opportunity, eventually reaffirming themselves that they were unlucky. The story might not completely rule out that there is nothing in this world called the lucky dog or the luck factor but it certainly can lead us to the conclusion that everyone can get lucky if not every time but quite often, if he explored opportunities and tried things with a passionate heart.

There are opportunities all around, waiting to be unveiled. All you need to do is to keep an open outlook and welcome experiences and not shun partaking in various opportunities that the Life has to offer. Embrace whatever comes your way and do not shy away of events or people. Go out and expose yourself to the world with your whole heart filled with passion, faith and conviction and gradually you’d experience that your positive experiences will outnumber your negatives. And once you are there these little accomplishments would help you bolster your faith to accomplish bigger goals further. 


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